*Katie Addada Shlon

peace seeker * Installation at Shed Space in Baltimore, MD

peace seeker was an installation of new and old objects and instruments made from second-hand materials and a quiet space for meditation. Viewers were encouraged to touch the sculptures gently while listening for harmony in the sounds made by the interactions, understanding they are in a fragile and changing state. As vessels are turned into idiophones, sound becomes a way of searching for new ways of listening, hearing, and understanding what is possible in this new world. A visit to the installation is a practice in feeling the resonance and interconnectedness of all things in this world. The materials I used to create these works were made from scrap wood from communal studios, discards from my friends Anna Crooks and Claire di Salvo's ceramics practices, unused materials from previous collaborations, scrap rope pieces, leftover floral wire, and rocks collected on hikes over the years.