*Katie Addada Shlon & Fionn Duffy

Bodies in Sounded Space * Installation at School 33 Art Center in Baltimore, MD

Listening to: bugsandchris.wav

Bodies in Sounded Space explores the architectural and social boundaries that differentiate sound from music. Fionn Duffy and Katie Shlon investigate the role our bodies play in creating a score for new sound works and how what we see influences what we hear. The artists are interested in how humans alter the sonic fabric of our surroundings, and how space, as a body, responds to our actions.

Transforming architectural space into the body of an instrument, we created sculptural interventions as structures for sound. These act as listening devices and instruments, creating new sounds or triggering collected audio recordings. In this work, we test the ways in which introducing a set of tools or pathways into a space transforms an audience's experience. Movement through the space activates the instrument: bodies experiencing localized 'music' dependent on positions relative to permanent and interventional structures.

Throughout the course of the installation, we held open sessions for the public to investigate sound including a contact microphone making workshop and guided sonic meditations created for the installation by Gwyneth Anderson.

Carrile Fucile, Liz Meredith, and Tim Wisniewski performed at the opening.